Remaining Relative Visas

Remaining Relative visas allow someone outside Australia whose only near relatives are living in Australia to live in Australia as a permanent resident.

They can be applied for within Australia (onshore, under visa subclass 835), or outside Australia (offshore, under visa subclass 115).

This visa pathway is an option if the visa applicant’s (including the applicant’s partner’s) only near relatives live in Australia.

An application for a Remaining Relative visa is most commonly lodged by a non dependent child of parents who have moved to Australia as permanent visaholders with (where relevant) all other siblings.

Because the number of Remaining Relative visa applications significantly exceeds the number of visas available annually under this visa class processing times are significant – a wait of 50+ years is being quoted by the Department of Immigration for the granting of a Remaining Relative visa.

Applicants for the onshore subclass 835 visa will be granted a Bridging Visa to allow them to remain lawfully in Australia while their Remaining Relative visa is in the processing queue awaiting a decision.

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